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Unit Alarms

Unit Alarms

Unit Alarms

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Time formatting

Relative time formatting

TopView MWA uses relative time-format strings to specify points in time relative to now when querying for alarm history between a start and end date.

Relative times are created by combining the base time with a direction (+ or -), a number, and a letter recommending an increment of time.

Base times

The base time is the time from which any offsets will be calculated.

The default base time is written as an asterisk (*) and represents now.

Available base times

* Now
t Midnight today
y Midnight of yesterday

Time increments

Different lengths of time are represented by certain letters. For example, d represents one day, h represents an hour.

Available lengths of time

s Seconds
m Minutes
h Hours
d Days


*-30s 30 seconds ago
t-2h Last night at 10 PM
y+4h Yesterday morning at 4 AM